Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend

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Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend


Choosing a gift for your boyfriend can be tricky, depending on how long you’ve been together, your budget might range from $30 to $100+. Guys love new gadgets, nice clothes, alcohol, games and anything that’s pretty much useful for us to use. We’re not the type to appreciate flowers or chocolate, well, for the most part anyway.


A Bottle of Whiskey

Personally, I love a good Bourban Whiskey, something like a Woodford Reserve or a Buffalo’s Trace. However if your guy enjoys a Bourban, something like a Jack Daniels might be a safer choice.  A Gentleman’s Jack has a lovely sweet taste to it.

Wireless Earbuds

Do he commute much? Or work with his headphones in? Does he go to the gym? Wires generally just get in the road and can be a nuisance. If your boyfriend wears headphones a lot, he will appreciate wireless earbuds.


Something related to their favourite game

There are lots of different gaming genres out there. Before you buy your boyfriend anything, you need to figure out the genre of games he enjoys. Is he a Fifa 2019 addict? Or does he prefer first person shooter games like Call of Duty?

Then you need to figure out what platform he enjoys playing games on the most. Is he a pc gamer or does he prefer Xbox?

Apex Legends is another extremely popular game right now. If your boyfriend is a fan or plays this game, they will certainly appreciate something like apex coins. Apex Coins is the in-game currency used to buy cosmetic items and new Legends.

Alternatively, you could get them a new game thats coming out.  World of Warcraft classic is coming out and it’s a huge deal to those who used to play the game. With everyone hoping they can get experience that ‘vanilla feeling’ again, your ex-WoW addict boyfriend will certainly LOVE playing Wow Classic again.



Image result for calvin klein boxers

Every guy appreciates a new pack of boxers. You can’t beat a good pack of Calvin Kleins.



Image result for building models

What hobbies does he have? Is he an adventurous type? Or does he prefer something like collective / building models?

A gift related to their hobby is a smart decision, however I advise Googling “gift ideas (then there hobby)” and get some more specific information. For example, if they like models are they into something like Warhammer or something like The worst thing you can do is half ass a present, there’s no point really… a present doesn’t need to be expensive it just requires some thought.



Related image

Sports… This one technically should fall into the hobbies category but we’ve decided to give it a section of its own. You should know what sort of sport your boyfriend is into and it can actually make your job pretty easy if they’re a sporty person.

If there into Golf, they will appreciate some new Ts or maybe you could find out the brand and size of their golf club and get them a nice new fresh one? Golfers can be funny about the type of ball they use too, so don’t just get any old golf ball.

The same goes for Football and any sport too really…


The trick to a good present is really just understanding who you’re buying for.

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