Building an Emotive Brand Voice 

Building the right brand voice will help your brand come to life.  When it comes to developing and crafting a brand’s voice, there is huge value in crafting a well-articulated and emotionally impactful tone of voice.   

Here we’ll be looking at why it’s so important to get brand voice right from the get-go! 

Why does voice play such a crucial role in brand strategy?  

The tone and voice of a brand is extremely important as this is how a brand is able to express its personality to potential customers.  When used consistently, brand voice helps to reinforce the emotive impact of a brand to the people that really matter.  The voice also helps set the brand apart from competitors and can quickly create a sense of familiarity that many consumers respond to. 

How Can Your Business Benefit from a Well-Executed Brand Voice? 

Your brand voice should be utilised in any form of external communications – this includes everything from your marketing and sales materials to your website.  Anything your brand touches should maintain the tone of voice you have carefully cultivated.  When people feel connected with your brand and how your communications sound, they are far more likely to engage with your company. 

How Can You Define a Brand’s Voice? 

One of the easiest ways to approach a brand’s tone of voice is to consider how the brand is likely to makes target audiences feel.  You will then be able to ladder up the key characteristics of the voice that help to deliver the brand’s promise.  If a brand wants to make people feel confident then their voice should help to emote feelings of authoritativeness and precision.   

It is also important that you write some brand voice guidelines to help ensure that the voice doesn’t get carried away at any point.  If you focus too closely on delivering an overly authoritative voice, then this can sometimes sound arrogant.  Knowing the nuances of your band voice will help you understand exactly when to emphasise certain tones.  This will also help your brand voice adapt across all touch-points.  

How Easy is it to Follow Brand Guidelines? 

One of the easiest ways to match an established brand voice is to picture the brand as a character in a film.  How would that character say something?  Would they be cheerful, boastful, bashful or bubbly?  Personifying the brand will enable you to write in a voice that will ensures that brand’s voice makes an emotional impact. 

The Top Things to Include in Guidelines for Your Brand Voice 

One of the best things to include in any guidelines about your brand voice is a list of top adjectives that help to describe the brand voice.  Ideally, any guidelines should also include past examples of what the voice is and isn’t 

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